Plank Flooring Explained Once and for All

Plank Floors is a Phrase that we’re coming across Increasingly at Traditionally, plank flooring would have simply called a wooden board, but today it is a term that’s crossing much wider than this. That is why we thought we would share our ideas in an report. Hopefully, what we’re hearing and seeing us around in the market right now can help you de-mystify what you are hearing and reading about the web, in mags, in shops etc..

Traditional plank flooring

Traditional plank floor is a simple concept to get your head around. Think of boards of solid wood and you’ve got it. A style of flooring that has been utilized for decades, solid plank flooring moved marginally out of vogue for some time but has recently been making a real return. Even though it is not suggested to be used in the likes of kitchens, bathrooms or in rooms in which you have under floor heatingsystem, there’s no getting away from the pure charm and character of solid plank floors.

Available in a variety of species of wood, grades of wood and finishes, solid plank flooring is a real investment. It seems a million bucks and when it will start to get tired looking, you can always re-sand and re-finish it, giving it a completely new lease of life. Add to this, the very fact that it is a stroll in the park to maintain and you soon see why this kind of flooring has survived the test of time.

Engineered plank floor

Thought by most as imitation solid plank floors, engineered hardwood floors is as clever as it’s versatile. Made by bonding together layers and layers of ply, engineered plank floors may be used throughout the home, such as in baths, kitchens and kitchens in which you have under floor heatingsystem. How can that be so? It’s simple really. The way engineered flooring is constructed means that it doesn’t expand and contract into the same extent as solid wood. What this signifies is that if temperatures go up and down it barely bats an eyelid.

Like strong wood flooring, it is possible to choose virtually any species of solid wood lamella to your engineered plank floors as well as any grade, so many finishes it will almost blow your mind. And the wonderful thing about engineered plank floors is that you can sand it and re-finish it to freshen this up too. So this choice actually does have it all.

Laminate plank flooring

Laminate plank flooring is flooring that is made to look like wood. Often a mixture of a backing board, topped by an image that’s designed to look like hardwood, this flooring is finished off with a clear covering. A clean and stylish flooring option, the only real downsides with laminate plank floors are that it is not the actual thing, and it can get tired looking very quickly if you don’t purchase a high excellent merchandise. Ideal for use in rooms where traffic is relatively light and where you’re not overly concerned about having a solid and robust floor material, it’s easy to keep and looks fresh and clean, particularly when it’s newly laid.

Vinyl plank flooring

Vinyls could be made to look like any substance you desire. If you shop around for vinyl, then you will soon understand that the choice available on the industry is immense. With everything from glowing acid colours to fake monochrome tile arrangements, vinyl comes in plank floors styles. With solutions that resemble a whole host of different species and grades of wood, good excellent vinyl can be quite persuasive when it comes to imitating wood.

A highly practical choice that could also be low cost, vinyl plank floors is a fantastic solution in an area that is likely to have its fair share of spills and splashes. Easy to wash and fast to install, it is possible to see why this one remains popular.

If you’re searching for plank floors, of course we would say that you can not beat either engineered or solid wood, but if your lifestyle or your own budget doesn’t allow for these choices, then laminate or vinyl are well worth checking out.

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